Commercial Food Equipment Service Association
From the Beginning

More than three decades ago, a group of fourteen independent food service equipment service agents and parts distributors including Daubers founded CFESA to promote the highest standards of professional service. Since that time, the Commercial Food Equipment Service Association has grown to over 300 members, representing all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, Australia and Puerto Rico.

Management Conferences

CFESA conducts two management conferences annually to provide opportunities for food service professionals to exchange techniques, ideas and concerns. Prominent industry figures, speakers and professional educators address timely government, business and industry topics.

On Target

CFESA's bi-monthly newsletter provides a timely update of industry and association news, as well as profiling successful programs, techniques and training methods of fellow members.

Technical Certification Program

Knowledgeable service technicians, who can repair swiftly, efficiently and professionally, are the foundation of this industry. To support quality service, CFESA has established a program whereby technicians are tested and certified only upon successful completion of written examinations. Currently available are the CFESA Electrical and Gas Certification Examinations.

Membership Directory

CFESA's Annual Membership Directory, a fingertip guide to the food service equipment industry, provides a complete listing of each member firm's service capability and location.

Standard Forms

CFESA has developed a standardized reporting form for warranty repairs, standardized return parts tags, a kitchen equipment record as well as a sample service agreement. These standardized forms have helped reduce administrative costs and improve communication between the manufacturer, their authorized service agency, and equipment users.

OEM Parts

CFESA promotes the use and distribution of factory original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts.

National Parts Network

In the event that a vital OEM part has become obsolete or is not available from either the CFESA service company or the equipment manufacturer, a CFESA member may use the National Parts Network. The network is a fax driven system which provides to participating members a ready access to a $40 million parts inventory supplying over 200 food equipment manufacturers.


CFESA requires its voting members to meet the following criteria: a Candidate must be recognized as authorized service agents for a minimum of five food service equipment manufacturers. They must have the tools and facilities to provide service wherever required in the field or at the shop location. Please consult By-Laws for specific requirements. Branch members should be actively engaged in the business of servicing commercial food equipment, both on site and in the shop, and associated or affiliated with an active member. Any firm, partnership or corporation actively engaged in the business of selling commercial food service equipment shall be eligible for membership as an Affiliate member. Recognizing the need to expand ongoing formal communication with food service equipment manufacturers, CFESA has created the Associate member category. Firms actively engaged in the business of manufacturing commercial food service equipment are eligible for Associate membership in CFESA. Supporting membership is available to any firm, partnership, or corporation actively engaged in the food service industry and interested in promoting quality service. The title of Honorary member is awarded to those who have made an extraordinary contribution to the field of food service, and to the goals and objectives of CFESA.

How To Join

If you are an independent service agency or branch agency, believing in and maintaining high professional standards, we would like to share our experience and knowledge with you. If you are a manufacturer, or are in the business of selling commercial food service equipment, and would like to join us in our strides to provide our mutual customers with the most professional service, we welcome your participation.

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