At all of our locations we have fully functional test / training kitchens. Each offers invited guests the ability to test out the latest and greatest from the top manufacturers in the food service industry. Rational Cooking Systems, Keating fryers, Blodgett Combis, Lang Combis, and Prince Castle Conveyor Ovens are just a few types of equipment that that have been demonstrated.

Because of the size and the scope of each of the training kitchens we are also able to offer manufacturer product training. Technical training classes have been conducted for Rational Cooking Systems, Cleveland Steamers and Combis, Blodgett Ovens, Frymaster Fryers, Roundup Steamers and Toasters, Prince Castle Toasters, Bloomfield Coffee Makers, Groen Steamers, Garland Grills and many other pieces of equipment. We have and will continue to open our test kitchens for fellow service providers and in-house technicians. This allows the factories to train multiple personal on the new and cutting edge technology locally.

Springfield Test Kitchen
Richmond Test Kitchen
Norfolk Test Kitchen
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